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China tianjin xiqing district farmland is now "crop cir



"Crop circles" according to Google in the global satellite pictures make the simulation of the figure
People net · tianjin Windows May 21-a-Henrietta farmland, from high above is a regular observe the geometry of the image, this is known as the "crop circles" phenomenon, happened in tianjin xiqing district village. [deep tianjin xiqing district "circle" : circle a clearing trees circle disorderly]
Mr. In the reader
"Google earth" see the green
Find farmland strange design
Readers in a geographical lovers is Mr, often use a Google earth called the software, satellite pictures to watch the pictures of all over the world.
In half a month ago, he accidentally browsing xiqing district of the landscape, to find a between farmland there's a strange design. The design most periphery is a square, inside of set a a circle, the circle and set a square...... He had thought then, this is called "crop circles" strange design.
Reporter in Google satellite images for to seek the circle, pictures show the circle for 39 ° coordinate north latitude 09 '17.27 ", east longitude 116 ° 59' 49.07 ", the entire graphics is not "boy", Angle relative to pray. Northeast corner of 39 ° coordinate for latitude 09 '21.09 ", east longitude 116 ° 59' 52.03 ", southwest corner for 39 ° coordinate north latitude 09 '13.25 ", east longitude 116 ° 59' 46.30 ". Circle the south is a building, and the distance is a broad river, east side have a broad highway, the north west and the same is farmland

Title:China tianjin xiqing district farmland is now "crop cir

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