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Underwater USO sunk the Titanic?

The Titanic collided with an iceberg is really sunk to the sea? For decades, the Titanic, the real cause of the victims have been scientists exploration and research focus. Also a inexplicable mystery of the century. Want to know, the Titanic was as "the world's largest sinking of the ship".
Be powerful laser breakdown
In 1985, the Atlantic ocean survey personnel in finally discovered has deep sleep 73 years of the Titanic. In the debris of their investigation, in its starboard side before the lower found a diameter is 90 cm just circle hole, call a person of Labour is, the big hole edge very smooth neat, as if by a compass shape of the formation of the processing of the cutting tools. The royal navy warship experts plug in conjunction with international expert group, this pool of the Titanic hull starboard side of mysterious round hole below before for the underwater photos and measurement, and other comprehensive study, confirmed that the Titanic was a powerful laser breakdown, DeCang feed water and were killed, deserved to hull of the ball in the first place or its nose around left parts of irregular form hole marks, or the hull steel plate appear irregular cracking phenomena, but that is not the case.
Six pictures found eight lights
The scientists according to the Titanic debris investigation plan, to the hull of the shooting in underwater photos of 6, found eight the unexplained magical lights. At first, the researchers think that it can be a deep water fish, however, when the researchers use computers to these underwater photos to again more detailed analysis found that, well, there are some unexplained artificial lights around the Titanic cruising. Environmentalists couldn't confirm the ocean with these magical lights similar things, they are like a fly in the air of the UFO, but different from, not the typical flying saucer, but similar all over the world that many witnesses saw energy condensed body.
The crew found that the sea has "devil-fire"
The United States "San Francisco chronicle" reporter get a top secret files said: "according to the" Titanic "survived, the crew confirmed that sea occur, they stand in 'Titanic' number on the deck of the observation, discover the sea has some strange 'ghost' haunted the movement of the water, these complicated 'devil-fire' like from a ship the unexplained 'ghost ship' on the run out."
By historians accused of facing "the California, los DE at that time, the captain of the ship will command in nearby waters. He also insisted that to die, at that time from the boat can clearly see another vessel unexplained ship "devil-fire". This mysterious ghost ship was in the "Titanic", and "the California, the waters between.
Scientists so that a shocking conclusion: the Titanic is accident was unknown diving UFO (USO) injection of laser beam and FanChen water of the attack. When the Titanic sunk, "ghost ship" it flies away from here, or into the ocean. The famous American UFO expert dr loewen, confirm, but without a doubt, these sea unknown object seems to earth from the diving, our earth have never had this kind of monsters.

Title:Underwater USO sunk the Titanic?

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