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        Invite to one's side men of wisdom and Valor

        Join Seajee

        Seajee adheres to the principle of employing people with virtue and talent, cultivating and using virtue and talent, restricting the use of talent and virtue, and resolutely not using virtue and talent. Seajee attaches great importance to the working conditions of employees, ensures the implementation of human rights in the world in the work of the whole group, promises to ensure the health and safety of employees, cultivates staff skills and promotes diversified development.
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        Yueqing Seajee Electric Co., Ltd.welcome you

        Recruitment position

        Commitment to employees

        • 尊重人才

          respect intellectual

          Adhering to "talent is the most precious wealth of enterprises", the competition of comprehensive strength of enterprises, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents. Enterprises with first-class talent, enterprises can be invincible in the competition. To possess talents, we must first form a good atmosphere of attaching importance to talents in enterprises. In line with the talent concept of "respecting, trusting and relying on talents", the company has established a working, learning and living environment with Seajee characteristic culture, which enables employees to fully respect their personality independence, personal dignity and personal rights and often feel the understanding, care and help from the family of enterprises, so that employees can have a genuine sense of identity and security for enterprises. A sense of belonging.

        • 保障工作中的健康和安全

          Safeguarding health and safety in work

          Seajee is solemnly committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees at work. This commitment is enshrined in the Group Prevention Charter, which includes controlling occupational risks, monitoring the effectiveness of preventive measures and taking continuous improvement measures. Our responsibility is to control occupational risks, monitor and improve workplace health and safety.

        • 培養員工技能并促進多元化

          Developing Employee Skills and Promoting Diversity

          As a socially responsible company, Seajee pays special attention to the development and management of employees'talents. By respecting gender equality and recruiting disabled employees, the group is also committed to the daily struggle against all forms of discrimination - resistance to all forms of discrimination.

          Enterprises also adhere to the strategic idea of "win-win" with employees, strive to create a good environment, so that individuals and organizations grow together, and build a broad stage for the development of talent. The company regards technological innovation as the source of its enterprise's flourishing and surpassing self-motivation. The company will continue to introduce new products and strive to be the leader not only in China, but also in the world.