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        ST spring connection technology of cage terminal

        What is ST spring connection technology of cage terminal? Is it reliable to use spring card connection?

        Spring Cage Technology is a relatively new connection technology, which is guided by spring pullback force.

        The wire is reliably pressed on the guide bar in the terminal to realize the electrical connection of the wire. This kind of terminal Phoenix calls it "pullback spring terminal", which can also be literally translated into "cage spring terminal".

          The pullback spring terminal adopts a novel micro pullback spring structure, which not only saves space greatly, but also has the following characteristics: large area marking, maximum connection capacity, flexible plug-and-pull bridge connection mode, the highest level of flame retardant material.

          Large area of the logo pullback spring terminal central logo is clear and eye-catching, greatly saving wiring time. The outside of the terminal is also marked.

          Maximum wiring capacity pullback springConnection terminalSeries wiring capacity is very abundant, even if the rated cross-section conductor plus tubular insulation head, the conductor can be connected smoothly.

          Flexible plug and pull-back spring terminals have double-row bridging wells to achieve a variety of bridging modes. Bridges have 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 bits respectively, which can be used for chain bridging and multi-position bridging of terminals. By breaking the metal teeth of the bridge connector, the spacing terminals can be reliably connected. The high current terminal can be connected with the common terminal by using the conversion bridge. For example, the connection between ST10 and ST4 or ST2.5

          The insulation case of high grade flame retardant material adopts nylon 6.6 thermoplastic material, which can reach the highest grade V0 flame retardant grade of UL94 standard and is safe and reliable.

          Superb technology, professional precision connectors, industrial terminals and cable assembly manufacturers, since the establishment of the factory adhere to the development policy of specialization and automation, coupled with scientific management and advanced quality testing means, so that the company's products continue to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and strive to provide customers with high-quality, high-price products. We regard quality as the first life of the enterprise, and always adhere to the leading technology and brand strategy.

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