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        Corporate culture

        Seajee  electric

        Seajee : Professional terminal manufacturer

        ?? Seajee Electric combs corporate culture timely while implementing enterprise adjustment and transformation. On the basis of inheritance and innovation, it integrates corporate culture into the operation and management of the company, transforms intangible cultural value into tangible brand value, and transforms cultural wealth into competitive capital of the enterprise, so as to guide the development of the enterprise and standardize the operation of the enterprise. Seajee?electricIn the competitive environment of global economic integration, it develops rapidly and vigorously.
        Cultural concept
        ?? Seajee electricWe attach great importance to the construction of corporate culture, cultivate advanced corporate cultural concepts in various ways and ways, create a positive and harmonious corporate atmosphere, and form a set of corporate concepts and values with Seajee Electric characteristics. Through the establishment and development of corporate spirit, corporate concept, corporate vision and corporate social values, we can promote the healthy, sustainable and stable development of enterprises. Create rich social wealth and spiritual achievements.
        Business philosophy: "Walking in the forefront of the times and making contributions to society"
        Enterprise Spirit: "Innovation, Dedication, Honesty and Harmony"
        Enterprise Goal: "Create International Brand Achievement for 100 Years?Seajee electric
        Corporate Mission: "To Achieve Social Duty and Profit for Employees"
        Enterprise Values: "People-oriented, Harmonious and Prosperous"
        Core Competence: "Sustainable Development and Continuous Innovation"
        Business climate: "interpersonal affinity"
        Enterprise Environment: "Comfortable, Beautiful, Civilized and Orderly"
        Quality Policy: "High Standard, Fineness, Zero Defect"
        Quality objectives: "The qualified rate of finished products > 99.99%, the qualified rate of open boxes > 99.9%, the highest level of product technology and the average market complaint rate < 0.1%".
        Service concept: "regarding customers as food and clothing parents"