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        After-sale service

        Seajee  electric

        Seajee : Professional terminal manufacturer

        Seajee people always adhere to the management policy of "quality is the foundation of today, science and technology invigorate enterprises to the future", constantly optimize resources and strengthen management, in order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises, relying on the Wanjiang concept of "being open-minded, steady and pragmatic, striving to govern, and harmonious development", firmly grasping quality management, promoting famous brand marketing strategy, expanding domestic and foreign markets, and vowing to build Seajee Electric into a successful enterprise. Modern enterprises with national brands. In order to alleviate customers'worries, we are now committed to the following terms:

        1. The quality problems of the products that users complained about and complained about and the product failure repairs submitted by our company will be dealt with in half an hour and in four hours.

        2. Simple fault repairing company can provide technical guidance by telephone for rapid processing. Technical guidance can not be handled, our company arranges service personnel to provide door-to-door maintenance services.

        3. For those who need repairman's door-to-door service, except for force majeure factors, the processing time limit for repairing faults shall be implemented in accordance with the following commitments:

        (1) If the malfunction report happens in the city where the service outlets of our company are located, they should be repaired within 8 hours.
        (2) The malfunction report happens outside the area where our service network is located in the city, but within the same province, it should be repaired within three working days, and the traffic is inconvenient and remote areas will be delayed by one working day.
        (3) If the malfunction report happens in the area where our service network is stationed and needs cross-provincial service, it should be repaired and handled within 5 working days.
        (4) Repair of faults in Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. Our company will repair them within 10-15 days.